The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 12.07.18

December 7, 2018

This Colossal 30th Plutocracy Report is unprecedented!!!  Vince tells us where we are at this point both economically and psychologically.  We live in a Scam Society and the French finally had enough of being fleeced by the plutocrats and Vince is ecstatic about it.  He talks about the absurdity of commercial and state run media and how we need a "people's" media that reports only unbiased facts. Vince takes a call from a disgruntled democrat and sent him, "Back to the Hole Where He Came From.” A new song by Rayland Baxter is jammed! In the second half we explore some new propaganda including Ice Age is coming and geoengineering is going main stream. Vince plays a clip about a man who went off grid and is being oppressed by the city. He tells us we are not free because we have a government with a populace not a populace with a government. Only 20th century schizoid man could have allowed this!!!        

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