The Plutocracy Report - 05.18.18

May 18, 2018

ANARCHY IN THE U.S.A! Well to be more precise Cooperative anarchy. Vince explains the concept in the first half of today's show by giving the real definition outside the dichotomy of division. He also touches on the pentagon's secret waste and some democrats obsession with spelling errors. After that he explains how hearing the news of Trumps approval rating going up and 67% of people polled say America is going in the right direction, has him feeling like giving up, so he plays a song by Tom Waits for inspiration. In the second half he explores why people must think the country is going in the right direction, because the stock market hasn't crashed yet! Could it be that people think stock buy backs is a good thing. He explains how much it's going on and plays a clip about how big pharma is doing it instead of research and development. After talking about how Trump is a disaster he wraps up the show by talking about the inhumane actions of the Israel Defense Force killing and injuring Palestinian protesters. His message to the peaceful protesters is to stay safe until we can overthrow the tyrants. Hold On! We shall overcome someday! Roger Waters is featured for the end song…


The Plutocracy Report - 05.11.18

May 11, 2018

The tenth installment of The Plutocracy Report begins with Vince ranting about the need to demand a new, simple, fair and equal tax system. It's time for us to unite, make demands as a majority and finally be involved in the government process. After that he explores how the righties are seeing Trump as a hero in a delusional haze of hatred of the left. This tactic works on both sides of the dichotomy of division. The song segment features Wilco and is radiantly set up by Vince explaining how the right and left wings need to come together on the big issue we can all agree on; one wing will never fly. The second half kicks off by taking a look at the extreme edges of climate change, from (very) near term human extinction to total climate change denial. Vince gets angry because he feels people are choosing apathy over action and no one ever seems to want to fight for change. Then we hear about how Iran is being set up for something and its playing out now. In closing, what does plutocrat Jeff Bezos think is the best way for him to blow some doe. The answer proves the ultra wealthy are mentally ill.


The Plutocracy Report - 05.04.18

May 4, 2018

This week show begins with Vince complaining about his week, and then he gets in to the heart wrenching story of Alfie Evans, the toddler who died last weekend after The British health system said its time to pull the plug and how the rightie sites are using the story. Then he gives his opinion on healthcare for America. Next Vince demonstrates that a major reason the plutocrats and sheep people will say we can't change is because it will lead to loss of jobs. Then he gives his solutions and how plausible and easy it is to achieve them (e.g. don’t listen to the political eggheads).

Then we find out how allowing corporations to make our biggest societal decisions works out by checking in on what Ford Motor Company is planning. The musical segment features another original song Vince co-wrote that asks the question, "How would it feel if it affected YOU?" DO most people care that something is wrong if it doesn’t directly affect them? You know Vince has some opinions.

The second half starts with a leftie clip that proves we live in a plutocracy but they never use the word and why even the fringe democrats and republicans are useless. Then he finishes with Hillary Clinton and John McCain as promised from last week. (Spoiler alert!!! he doesn’t like them)


The Plutocracy Report - 04.27.18

April 27, 2018

On this eighth show Vince presents his highly anticipated commentary on human
nature. The term has been misused and misunderstood and he will prove it.
But first he gives a short update on Syria and how it is being perceived by people
who support killing Assad.
In the musical segment Vince explains that he doesn’t hate America like
some righties have said, it is the ruling elite that he hates but he loves America as
a true patriot; and he plays a song by David Byrne to further his sentiment.
The second half starts off with comments about the f.u.k.u.s nations and
the level of propaganda is equal. Then he comments on a few sound bites
showing some voices of opposition slipped out in the mainstream news.
The show ends abruptly after a short rant about, Hillary the sore loser, that
couldn’t be finish this week as Vince ran out of time before he could finish, but
promised to continue it next week along with much more…


The Plutocracy Report - 04.20.18

April 20, 2018

Don’t miss this weeks historic show! The seventh installment of The Plutocracy Report features
a new, original song Vince co wrote, and it is relevant today because it pertains to NECULAR
WAR. This Is a Progressive Radio Network exclusive debut of a new, epic song!
But first Vince comments about the unusual weather we had last weekend, and then
gets in to his comments and reports on the allied bankers and war plutocrats and their plans for
Syria and continued world hegemony. After the debut of a new song in the music segment at
the half way point, as promised from last week, Vince finally gives his extended commentary on
Donald Trump.
Lastly, he offers more proof we are under plutocratic control that will always see profit
as more important than humanity and the earth itself.


The Plutocracy Report - 04.13.18

April 13, 2018

The sixth show of the Plutocracy Report, Vince gets right in to Syria and the alleged chemical attack.
Then he talks about good journalists and how we may be losing our freedom to information soon if we
don’t fight for it now. He then draws an example of what we did to Libya in 2011 and how the mass
media reported it. The musical segment features Todd Rundgren and a song Vince draws hope from.
The second half starts out with false flag events and how we need to focus on real ones and not
improvable distraction conspiracy. He also relates this to how people can still believe global warming is a
hoax. In the last minutes he gives a heartfelt salute to Michael C Rupert who left us on this day 4 years


The Plutocracy Report - 04.06.18

April 6, 2018

In the fifth show, Vince reports that 74% of Americans believe the government is run by a secret
committee. Then he mentions how America is currently and has historically been involved in selling
arms and supporting terror by violent regimes and dictatorships under democrats and republicans
equally. After touching on the violence going on in Gaza he plays a song by Bruce Cockburn that he
relates to how the oppressed must feel.
In the second half he brings up a poor man president from Uruguay and plays parts of a Trump speech
and things his new national security advisor had said. Wrapping up he mentions a good millennial
candidate for Hawaii's congress and what's to come next week.


The Plutocracy Report - 03.30.18

March 30, 2018

In this weeks show Vince starts off talking about what he's noticing in nature from his little part of the world and what we're seeing with the insect population. Then he mentions a candidate for senate in Michigan that supports giving shotguns to homeless people but has a great foreign policy platform and gets in to the Illinois governor race where a multi billionaire will challenge a billionaire. Following that he brings up the need to remove Religion from government that righties are good with and how lefties need to stop seeing government as a religion, before playing a great Frank Zappa tune pertaining to this. In the second half we hear about the 1.3 trillion dollar spending bill and the division tactics going on, as well as a personal financial suggestion. He then comments about poorly trained police and the deadly danger as a result. After quick comments about facebook he wraps up another great show.


The Plutocracy Report - 03.23.18

March 23, 2018

The Plutocracy Report 38
In this show Vince starts with an angry commentary about our skies. Then he talks about solving
problems by looking at things from a different mindset, as he touches on creating a new currency,
Fukushima, and the gulf oil spill disaster. Next he plays a song by Roger Waters that he connects to
Israeli oppression over the Palestinians and having empathy. After that he gets in to the disharmony
coming from the right side of the dichotomy and he calls for finding common ground to unite.
Lastly, a comment on the gun debate and how it is used as a division tactic that works every time.


The Plutocracy Report - 03.16.18

March 16, 2018

In this week show, Vince begins with a commentary on negative people. Then he touches on the war plutocrats and explains how they try to scare us to justify the enormous military budget. In the third segment he talks about science and research and explains how we are deceived by science for continued, iniquitous profits of the giant corporations, this is allowed even when they are harming our health and environment and it must end. Next he talks about the astounding exaggerations on Russian interference that the liberal shows are still obsessed with. Lastly, he has an important message about millennials before wrapping up the show.