The Plutocracy Report - 03.22.19

March 22, 2019

Sarah McLachlan is featured today and tells us, "loving you (the plutocracy report) is easy." Vince starts off with geoengineering and what we should be concerned about. He then talks about the ongoing plutocrat coup in Venezuela and predicts what not to expect. Next he talks about changing the sheepie paradigm about how they view automation and meaningless jobs.                                                                                

The worlds on fire, so let's try to bring our share to the table, Sarah tells us about it.         

The second half opens with Vince sprinkling hope in with his doom and gloom. He talks about inevitable collapse of this system from an egg head perspective along with his views. We hear some sound bites from Vince's favorite thinker Jacque Fresco. He mentions how to use social media and how useless economists are to wrap up another enthralling Plutocracy Report.

The Plutocracy Report - 03.08.19

March 8, 2019

This is the one year anniversary for the plutocracy report and to mark the milestone original songs from Vince Marcanti and Kevin O'Gorman, (Mickwop music) is featured today! Vince rants about the never-changing normality of the 40 or more hour work week and anti conspiracy movement that associates real conspiracies like vaccine safety and efficacy with contrived comic book conspiracies like the earth is flat. All sheepies have political puppets they believe in. Vince's song asks the question, what have I got to believe in, now that I learned it's all so deceiving. In the second half we look at the astounding level of trivial, puerile mainstream news. He rants about the green new deal and how it's just a show for sheep that would never be implemented under our current structure of failed governance, but gives inspiration and concepts on real change. A terrific Mickwop tune takes us out to commemorate this monumental show; We're all behind you.

The Plutocracy Report - 02.22.19

February 22, 2019

Vince rants about recent trivial, infantile and phony stuff in the media matrix; it all just reinforces the great dichotomy of division. Uprising is happening by people in other parts of the world but Vince is fearful in this country of manufactured delusion and apathy we are still as divided and consumed by the democracy show and its asinine actors more than ever. He begins to get more frustrated as the rant goes on and seeks the advice of Juan the guru to re-energize him. The notion the c.i.a is listing to the Plutocracy Report makes Vince declare, "You can try to come and take me away, but don't take me alive!" Steely Dan is featured today. In the second halve we get an update on universal basic income being spun in the media. He talks about the oxymoron of benevolent billionaires. Then after an abbreviated report on Trumps state of emergency we hear more about the plutocrats slow coup endeavor in Venezuela. He declares it's time to end this predictable pattern of plutocracy. Malcolm X and The Dan takes us out to end another great show!

The Plutocracy Report - 02.08.19

February 8, 2019

Today's show is called "the no alternative to Plutocracy paradigm," and we have to break it! The hour consists of Vince giving somber rants and forward thinking ideas. He starts out with a segment on recent weather events, climate change and geoengineering. Next an overview of the U.S led Venezuelan coup d'état from a perspective only Vince could give. This is what they call democracy, Bruce Cockburn sings about it. In the second half Vince talks about Universal Basic Income from his perspective of doing it for compassionate reasons (not to save a collapsing plutocracy) and use it as a catalyst to a new monetary system and culture.He tells us we need to create our own culture and a short clip from Terrance McKenna is played. Vince's original demo from last year, Dust and ash takes us home. Keep radiation love and giving real knowledge to the sleepers…

The Plutocracy Report - 02.01.19

February 1, 2019

Vince, Captain Beyond and Bob Dylan take us to new specters of awareness this week! In the second halve of the show Vince takes a conference call from two voters and tests his skills at getting them to join the Rationalist movement. First he talks about the latest trivial distraction from the main stream media and rants about the bigger picture of this propaganda. Next he speculates on possible false flag events that may occur once our uprising begins in America; then on to the foolishness and dangers of 5G applications. We have to fight to put an end to our destructive, plutocratic control structure and time is running out. We must stand together now because it's not dark yet, but Bobby D tells us, "It's getting there." In the second half Vince talks more about the French yellow jackets and what we can all agree on before

The Plutocracy Report - 01.04.19

January 4, 2019

Vince breaks out of the rusty cage he was trapped in since last week's show and runs his mouth off for another invigorating Plutocracy Report. He demands that people must see the modern media matrix for what it is, mind control, distorted reality, distraction and division, and our power structure has perfected propaganda. He then talks about our authoritarian, police state plutocracy and Utah's new blood alcohol limit law. Next he calls out the new age movement and who he calls "the special spiritual speakers," but then gets interrupted by a new caller! Vince agrees to become spiritual but only for 5 minutes as Jonny Cash sings. We open the second half talking about Russia and what the war plutocrats and their politicians gave Ukraine for Christmas. Vince brags about being perfect in his 2017 predictions now that Elizabeth Warren has announced she wants to play head sock puppet to the plutocrats.

The Plutocracy Report - 12.28.18

December 28, 2018

For the final Plutocracy Report of 2018 Vince exposes more truth; such as This Show Knows How to Rock! He opens with another new term, Population Sedation. He explores the drugging aspect of this wide ranging new term and (armchair) Professor Vince gives the natural, drug and alcohol free, cure to depression. Then Alex Jones is used to demonstrate Crazy, conspiracy, association, propaganda and he uses a famous Professor for a recent example. I'm not sure how to explain what happens next but Vince seems angry. The Music of Genesis is featured today. In the final segment of the year we discuss the President ordering troops out of Syria, and we get some Vinny perspective on those kooky markets. Have a Great and safe New Year everybody! More rants in 2019!!!

The Plutocracy Report - 12.14.18

December 14, 2018

Today's show is what Vince has deemed public soliloquy. He starts out describing the main tactic of the plutocrats for dealing with public uprising as stated by J.D Rockefeller over a century ago. He talks about what is needed to really change our disastrous monetary system and just protests and writing a list of demands isn't gonna be enough. After months of feeling unoptimistic about overthrowing the system of world Plutonomy, Vince seems reenergized by the yellow jacket lion hearts of France. After he lashes out at people who annoy him he states, "I don’t care how pampered and proper you feel about being rich, if you are an inhumane, money minded, biological automaton, I wouldn’t wanna be like you. The Allen Parsons Project is featured today. In the second half Vince rants about immigration, refugees and installing a true people's government and a new rational central planning system free of money influence and full of rationality. People are starting to get it and a French protester explains. It sounds as if he listens to the Plutocracy report. Roger Waters tells us to Wake up and smell the roses on the way out.

The Plutocracy Report - 12.07.18

December 7, 2018

This Colossal 30th Plutocracy Report is unprecedented!!!  Vince tells us where we are at this point both economically and psychologically.  We live in a Scam Society and the French finally had enough of being fleeced by the plutocrats and Vince is ecstatic about it.  He talks about the absurdity of commercial and state run media and how we need a "people's" media that reports only unbiased facts. Vince takes a call from a disgruntled democrat and sent him, "Back to the Hole Where He Came From.” A new song by Rayland Baxter is jammed! In the second half we explore some new propaganda including Ice Age is coming and geoengineering is going main stream. Vince plays a clip about a man who went off grid and is being oppressed by the city. He tells us we are not free because we have a government with a populace not a populace with a government. Only 20th century schizoid man could have allowed this!!!        

The Plutocracy Report - 11.23.18

November 23, 2018

The modern media matrix is being used to distract us; from lies and denialisum to confusion and delusion. It creates discord when we should be finding unity against the plutocrats. Vince tries to explain by ranting and using a South Park episode as an example before he is interrupted by another call from Brewha. We all have our different biases and beliefs, and some are extremely polarizing, but we can still unite on the biggest issue that affects us all. Righty or lefty we all know who's still running the world. Jarvis Cocker tells us about it and is featured this week… In the second half we take a look at what the dummycrat party is planning on doing with their new found power in the house. Is real change coming folks? The Trump Administration moves to loosen radiation rules, and says it is only being done to help us because it's so healthy… Oh and it will save a few bucks too. There is some good news coming out of the modern media matrix, more people are questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines and the pharmaceutical plutocrats don’t like it. We can build on this, keep speaking out! Attachments area