The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 11.15.19

November 15, 2019

Right off the bat Vince complains about geoengineering and the polar plunging jet stream that must have really pissed him off. It seems the cold weather has affected his sinuses making his voice strained yet salacious. His opening rant is a comprehensive commentary on the pertinent issue of Greedy Rich Pricks. He exposes their propaganda used to make a wealth tax seem like it would be devastating to the economy. We are reminded how systemic socioeconomic change is needed because a 3% tax on the super rich ain't gonna do it. Perhaps trump really is the best president for this plutocracy; because he puts the Pluto in Plutocrat! After the song he talks about the military coup in Bolivia and gives his opinions on the true motives. We are then treated to another award winning segment of, Hell Going on Out There. That brings us to an enraging yet cathartic close to show 53.

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