The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 08.30.19

August 30, 2019

Listener discretion is highly advised for show 48!!! Vince calmly starts off talking about burning forests and the sadness that he feels. Then launches in to a rant so filled with vitriol, vulgarity and venom that it shocked me. He begins bloviating about the Plutonomy system and our scripted cultural indoctrination to it. Today Vince Marcanti totally disgraced himself by rudely insulting everyone who is a Marxist! He berates a plethora of groups and individuals that I highly admire just because they are still identifying with communism or not preaching his foolish message of "revolution now." He then attacks people who aren’t supportive of the protests in Hong Kong, blaming it on their lefty bias. He arrogantly declares if we don’t believe him now, we will soon find out he's right, The Hard Way! The Kinks are featured today. After the song he continues to insult people, in fact he calls all of us dummies over and over and I quite frankly had enough! I hereby resign as archive writer for the plutocracy report. Write you own show descriptions from now on. ---bu buyyyyy--- Jerk!

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