The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 05.01.20

May 1, 2020

Everything is a show and the script is written by mind manipulators for the plutie elite. On this underlying perception Vince does free form rants pertaining to our new health paradigm while insatiably berating democrats again. I'm afraid it seems his cabin fever and contempt has gotten worse since last show and his emotional issues are at an alarming level. Vinny Jr. had to take quick and aggressive action to save the show.  Mr. Marcanti goes on to tell us the 7 step transition to total surveillance, police state plutocracy under medical martial law. Can't you see what it's all for? At least Roger Waters made perfect sense today. More bitter and snarly opinions after the song include propaganda for lefties, and more of his opinions on what's going on and what is needed. Today I learned this guy needs music and meditation or he ain't gonna last much longer…

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