The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 03.22.19

March 22, 2019

Sarah McLachlan is featured today and tells us, "loving you (the plutocracy report) is easy." Vince starts off with geoengineering and what we should be concerned about. He then talks about the ongoing plutocrat coup in Venezuela and predicts what not to expect. Next he talks about changing the sheepie paradigm about how they view automation and meaningless jobs.                                                                                

The worlds on fire, so let's try to bring our share to the table, Sarah tells us about it.         

The second half opens with Vince sprinkling hope in with his doom and gloom. He talks about inevitable collapse of this system from an egg head perspective along with his views. We hear some sound bites from Vince's favorite thinker Jacque Fresco. He mentions how to use social media and how useless economists are to wrap up another enthralling Plutocracy Report.

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