The Plutocracy Report - 09.14.18

September 14, 2018

Frank Zappa returns to the show and Vince gives his perspectives on Syria and 9/11. First he explains how he likes to belittle and berate sheepies with sarcastic humor but it does not necessarily mean he has hate for them in his heart.The war propaganda is heating up over the Idlib offensive but Vince doesn't predict a confrontation with Russia but rather a deal. When they talk about Trump making a decision is all a show to veil plutocracy.    What is Donny's opinion on energy policy? Could it be clean and forward thinking or infantile babble to cheer for the status quo energy system of the plutocrats? The President eloquently explains. "I I I just can't believe he is such a fool." Take it away Frank Zappa and the Mothers. The second half kicks off with the most meticulously scripted, ultimate false flag event to start a never ending war and a wasteful homeland security and surveillance money pit boondoggle, all promised to be paid for by our taxes. On the way out Vince mentions chemical ice nucleation, how he loves the Irish youngsters, and vaccine propaganda. It seems there's no way to delay that trouble coming every day.


The Plutocracy Report - 09.07.18

September 7, 2018

Vince's favorite artist is featured again. Starting out he asks us not to give in to the glum paradigm and then rants about party politics, sheepie herd mentality and party shifters. Then he talks about the brainwashing within the dichotomy of division pertaining to healthcare. Vince plays a rightie clip that makes him nauseous. We then take a look at what the war plutocrats are up to and hear from the maniacal, death walrus, John Bolton and a prediction is made. The people who order bombings and killings and the ones who follow the orders are sociopathic cowards and pawns who play the game with the bravery of being out of range, Roger Waters will explain! A new segment kicks off the second half called, Man You Nuts!  He then talks about what true progress would be, and it's not just asking for more work and slightly higher wages for the struggling workers who spend most of their life working already. Things are happening just like the always do and this time we need to change it. It feels like Déjà vu… Roger takes us out with a beautiful song.