The Plutocracy Report - 10.19.18

October 19, 2018

This week the Boom King asks the question we all want to know.                                

Who can we trust and why do people still believe lies?                                                    

Vince explains how people must be made to believe lies from early childhood cultural indoctrination. 

Despite a life time of programming a mind can still change in a moment of enlightenment. Next: the president admits to the world that science is captured and agenda based but doesn’t call for an end to it.Then we hear about how Trump is thought to be the chosen one and Vince's god voice is spot on. As the final fleecing continues and it's harder to get by. Can you feel the inner city pressure? Flight of the Conchords explains what it's like. The second half kicks off with a mainstream news report telling us how divided and odious we are three weeks before the big elections. Delusion and pettiness is all it takes for the plutocrats to divide us. Vince clarifies why our government is incapable of fixing anything. Change must occur systemically within our socioeconomic system and only the people united can demand and achieve that. Keep waking the sheepies!



The Plutocracy Report - Content warning; Listener discretion is advised

October 12, 2018

Content warning; Listener discretion is advised!  Throughout the show Vince periodically gives the democrat party a vicious, verbal, smack down that is so brutally honest it's hard to hear. He gets in to what the next collapse will entail and why it will not be like anything from the past.  Nothing is sugar coated in this sobering commentary that leads up to the point when people finally learn, you can't eat money! Vince had an idea how we can avoid Plutocracy induced extinction. He needs to become president and be granted full dictatorial power for one year to set things right. His campaign slogan will be the name of the song featured this week by The Who!In the second half Vince continues to verbally beat and berate the Democrats for making sheepies think they are the kinder alternative to Republicans, when in truth they are the biggest obstacle to systemic change. Advice is given at the end of the show. None of us are helpful in the fight for the greater good if we are clinging to the rock of cultural induced anxiety or very unhealthy in the body and mind. Keep your mind sharp, your body strong, and your spirits up. A clip from Allen Watts ends the show and The Who takes us out pure and easy.


The Plutocracy Report - 10.01.18

October 1, 2018

A worn out, tired and grumpy Vince still manages to give the most rational and greatest tirade about the foolish and omnipresent debate over which is better socialism or capitalism. He explains the Nordic Model and manages to criticize it while also admitting it beats plutocracy by slaughter rule. Is it really a benefit to humanity for dorky billionaires to commercialize space so rich people can take a trip around the moon? Everything in this economy is a rich man's trick. We have to keep our minds open because what we are told by the dominator culture is not all there is and we must remember there is MORE THAN THIS! Peter Gabriel is featured this week. Vince starts the second half by defining Conspiracy Theory and discusses a study that claims scientists found the driver of false beliefs.Then he demonstrates the oil plutocrat's newest climate change propaganda as denialisum wears thin for righties. After closing comments Peter takes us out.


The Plutocracy Report - 09.14.18

September 14, 2018

Frank Zappa returns to the show and Vince gives his perspectives on Syria and 9/11. First he explains how he likes to belittle and berate sheepies with sarcastic humor but it does not necessarily mean he has hate for them in his heart.The war propaganda is heating up over the Idlib offensive but Vince doesn't predict a confrontation with Russia but rather a deal. When they talk about Trump making a decision is all a show to veil plutocracy.    What is Donny's opinion on energy policy? Could it be clean and forward thinking or infantile babble to cheer for the status quo energy system of the plutocrats? The President eloquently explains. "I I I just can't believe he is such a fool." Take it away Frank Zappa and the Mothers. The second half kicks off with the most meticulously scripted, ultimate false flag event to start a never ending war and a wasteful homeland security and surveillance money pit boondoggle, all promised to be paid for by our taxes. On the way out Vince mentions chemical ice nucleation, how he loves the Irish youngsters, and vaccine propaganda. It seems there's no way to delay that trouble coming every day.


The Plutocracy Report - 09.07.18

September 7, 2018

Vince's favorite artist is featured again. Starting out he asks us not to give in to the glum paradigm and then rants about party politics, sheepie herd mentality and party shifters. Then he talks about the brainwashing within the dichotomy of division pertaining to healthcare. Vince plays a rightie clip that makes him nauseous. We then take a look at what the war plutocrats are up to and hear from the maniacal, death walrus, John Bolton and a prediction is made. The people who order bombings and killings and the ones who follow the orders are sociopathic cowards and pawns who play the game with the bravery of being out of range, Roger Waters will explain! A new segment kicks off the second half called, Man You Nuts!  He then talks about what true progress would be, and it's not just asking for more work and slightly higher wages for the struggling workers who spend most of their life working already. Things are happening just like the always do and this time we need to change it. It feels like Déjà vu… Roger takes us out with a beautiful song.


The Plutocracy Report - 08.31.18

August 31, 2018

This show will make you feel the earth move under your feet.                                                                                                            

 Carole King is featured. In the first halve Vince rants about facebook censorship but it inevitably digresses in to the underlying reason of every nefarious and socially destructive issue, PLUTOCRACY and the need to end it.                                                              

He talks about feeling negative energy from defeatists and comic book conspiracy freaks and then thanks his friends for supporting him. It would be nice if we could get together for a party but you're all so far away. Sing it Carole!                                                     

 In the second half Vince explains how plutocracy is the unifying and correct term to clarify what the root cause of every problem is.He comments on the new Peter Phillips book, Giants: The global power elite and the Citi Group report: Plutonomy part 1, to prove his point. We then hear some sad news; Vince won't be doing his "John McCain" voice anymore! In a hasty wrap up he briefly mentions leftie climate change delusions and perverted catholic priests…


The Plutocracy Report - 08.17.18

August 17, 2018

This monumental 20th show features a ground breaking announcement and idea that Vince thinks will transfer the entire human species from insanity to humanity. First he gets in to the how fear is the main mechanism of control.                       

 We also hear about toxic masculinity and the explosion of disinformation and denialisum in America. He also mentions how misinformed people are about geoengineering. We then hear about what plutocrats think is the best way to spend their obscene amount of doe and how plutocrat philanthropy is a scam. 

There is only one thing they love and Randy Newman tells us what it is.                                          

    In the second half we hear about Brexit, no Brexit and no deal Brexit.                            

Next the issue of censorship is discussed; it's not just crazy right wing kooks getting banned, Alex Jones is just cover for the censorship of rational voices that don’t align with the plutocrat propaganda that are or will soon be getting banned as well. 

The worm apocalypse is upon us and we also hear about the new age of RADIATION MAN. The show concludes with a clip of Terence McKenna. As we continue the fight let's have the felt presence of experience a part of every moment and within that we can find what really matters…Love!   

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The Plutocracy Report - 08.10.18

August 10, 2018

Nobody told me there'd be shows like this! Vince devotes the entire first half rant for his climate segment this week. His anger includes the inactive lefties but focuses on the righty, climate change deniers, on the far fringe.                                                                                                                     

From N.W.O created hurricanes, to Direct Energy Weapons used to cause the wild fires, to flat earthers, this rant is off the hook! A point is made; there is enough real proof of climate change and destructive governance to warrant an immediate overthrow of our Plutocracy, so quit making stuff up because it discredits real government conspiracy that we are trying to inform people of. Is this kind of disinformation a sly tactic coming from within the power structure?  We need to inform people of verifiable facts and try to bring them to reality and understand what needs to change. 

It's crazy out there and john Lennon explains…                                                                                                                                                 

Vince indulges in making fun of Trump supporters, but then is kind enough to mention one thing he likes about them. After a few more stories he is outraged about, as promised, he end's on good news. Keep informing our apathetic sisters and brothers that we live in a depraved plutocracy and we all need to unite to change that!  Power to the people…


The Plutocracy Report - 07.27.18

July 27, 2018

This week's show may help you achieve Nirvana! But first angry Vince insists on us understanding this whole Russia-gate show business. This rant seems to be a final slap in the face for people who still think there is a power struggle between Trump and the war plutocrats (aka the deep state.) Vince takes some time to self analyze while talking about our society, drunks and dummies. 

The song Dumb is played and it never seemed so relevant.                                                        

The rant continues about how frustrating it is to make uninformed people (aka sheepies) consider something outside their belief system. The question of the week is; shall we continue to cast our pearls before swine?                                                          

A new segment called, "What da Hell going on out there," features four stories, two are true and two are fake news, can you discern between them? A white helmet update is mentioned before he says, "Baa Buyyyy…"  


The Plutocracy Report - 07.13.18

July 13, 2018

The kinks are featured in this show and we hear Vince's self proclaimed theme song from 1966.  Vince was working off the cuff this week and I don’t even know how to describe it. From above average warm temperatures, to how protests are great but lack clear demands and proposals. Let's just call this show a free form rant that goes from the ratio of sociopaths in our society, to Native American hygiene, to how people alive today is humanity's last chance for chosen change. Trump becomes the example of astounding and ongoing sheepie allegiance to insanity through the dichotomy of division.                                                                                               A bomb drops every 12 minutes while we hear form rare, coherent, trump supporters. We enlightened ones can't plug back in to the matrix, so sing it proudly, "I'm not like everybody else." The upward flow and waste of tax money is more important than wisdom, for immigration policy, as well as EVERYTHING ELSE!                                                                                    The people of a Mexican town took matters in to their own hands and things are much better. Time for us to do the same! #walkprogressive