The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 11.29.19

November 29, 2019

Vince sounds motivated starting out and then goes off on a tangent about wild life in his yard and how we were made to feel separate from nature and each other in order to accept plutocracy. Next we are treated to the cheery topic of agenda 21 de-population; his point is the truth is bad enough! No need for conspiracy conjecture. Then he rants about current events in Hong Kong and explains how china's economy is already seeing rapid deterioration in the financial system. Vince is suddenly interrupted by a call from an irate listener. He plays a quote by Rick Perry (the secretary of energy!!!) and admits American theocracy frightens him and causes Broken Sleep! After the original MickWop tune he shifts his attention to Fukushima management. He tried to start a rapid fire rant segment but went off on a tirade over the first topic of the rich avoiding 5 trillion in taxes in a decade. He said, "we know what is- let's talk about what can be." I enjoyed the show and hearing Vince anger himself; at the end he and Roger Waters gave me goose bumps and hope that perhaps the tide is turning.

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