The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 11.23.18

November 23, 2018

The modern media matrix is being used to distract us; from lies and denialisum to confusion and delusion. It creates discord when we should be finding unity against the plutocrats. Vince tries to explain by ranting and using a South Park episode as an example before he is interrupted by another call from Brewha. We all have our different biases and beliefs, and some are extremely polarizing, but we can still unite on the biggest issue that affects us all. Righty or lefty we all know who's still running the world. Jarvis Cocker tells us about it and is featured this week… In the second half we take a look at what the dummycrat party is planning on doing with their new found power in the house. Is real change coming folks? The Trump Administration moves to loosen radiation rules, and says it is only being done to help us because it's so healthy… Oh and it will save a few bucks too. There is some good news coming out of the modern media matrix, more people are questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines and the pharmaceutical plutocrats don’t like it. We can build on this, keep speaking out! Attachments area

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