The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 11.01.19

November 1, 2019

Show 52 is an escapade of eagerness that features explorative rants, a new caller and his first interview with a famous rock star! Vince is ecstatic to share the news that brought him out of his despair. He energetically rants on a plethora of issues from Baghdadi to banditry, wages to welfare and everything in between. Next he takes a random caller who challenges Vince's core beliefs and an enthralling exchange takes place over what's better, social equality or authoritarian systems. They squabble over war and Vince proclaims You Can't Bomb the World in to Peace! After the song he proudly plays his unusual interview with Roger Waters, in which they discuss Julian Assange. He talks a bit about Edward Snowden, before begging the aliens to take him away.

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