The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 10.26.18

October 26, 2018

 Today's show is a raging yet passionate, free form rant that encompasses a wide range of our current problems and delusions. Throughout the show he also talks about solutions and how to remove the plutocrats from their temples of power. We look at recent events and Vince is outraged by independent media censorship and we are given a different perspective on the march of the migrants from Honduras.  Some people still believe an honest democrat or republican will run for office that will actually fight for change if they get elected. Today's song explains what always happens no matter how honest they may seem. Once you take their money you are trapped in the wheel of plutocracy! Today's song explains this nefarious wheel and it's an original by Vince Marcanti and Kevin O'Gorman. Enjoy Mick Wop Music-Trapped in the Wheel. In the second half we hear about the need for us to start a third party movement, People just need to know there is a better way to do everything in this society in decline. His supercharged rant comes to a fuming end and we hear Vince's favorite speech of all time and it seems to have got to him. Where there are tears there is hope…      

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