The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 10.04.19

October 4, 2019

Vince was coaxed out of his hermit hole to deliver this monumental 50th Plutocracy Report. He gives his views on the new environmental movements and the nauseating way sheepies in both the left and right herds view it. He tells us to open our minds; we can yet change if we reject cynicism and defeatist attitudes. He points out how lately everything is ramped up to divide us and the mind manipulators are hard at work in these troubling times. Then he takes an unexpected caller that seems to have really irked him. Vince decided to cut off all haters, cynics, and righty fringe freaks, and tells them- Good bye From My Life… After the MickWop song he gets in to the impeachment distraction by the dummycrats to keep sheepies focused on trivial bullcrap while the world goes to hell in a basket. He talks about Trumps scripted speech at the U.N and reads something he said off the cuff in contrast. He ends with good news of evidence that at least one egghead has been listening to the plutocracy report and wrote a good article. Wilco takes us out…

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