The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 07.13.18

July 13, 2018

The kinks are featured in this show and we hear Vince's self proclaimed theme song from 1966.  Vince was working off the cuff this week and I don’t even know how to describe it. From above average warm temperatures, to how protests are great but lack clear demands and proposals. Let's just call this show a free form rant that goes from the ratio of sociopaths in our society, to Native American hygiene, to how people alive today is humanity's last chance for chosen change. Trump becomes the example of astounding and ongoing sheepie allegiance to insanity through the dichotomy of division.                                                                                               A bomb drops every 12 minutes while we hear form rare, coherent, trump supporters. We enlightened ones can't plug back in to the matrix, so sing it proudly, "I'm not like everybody else." The upward flow and waste of tax money is more important than wisdom, for immigration policy, as well as EVERYTHING ELSE!                                                                                    The people of a Mexican town took matters in to their own hands and things are much better. Time for us to do the same! #walkprogressive

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