The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 06.19.20

June 19, 2020

Vince reveals his latest plan to take back our country from the plutocrats. The baby boomers and millennials can continue to be complacent, apathetic, cynical and ineffective because the revolution will be accomplished by Vinny and the Z's! He explains how classism and racism will immediately disappear in the post plutocracy, peoples direct democracy, once the Vince led Z'bellion succeeds. That’s all in the second half! First we must suffer through his angry and offensive ranting and raving over being a lonely free thinker, unproductive protests, and how President Trump can be a predator class hero, just as Vince thinks he's a working class hero. I also remember hearing profanity, poetry and John Lennon in this bizarre installment.                  


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