The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 05.29.20

May 29, 2020

: Vince seems oddly optimistic starting out. He sees the new wave of censorship and anti conspiracy articles as proof that an influx of people are starting to question authoritarian orders. He rants about police brutality mentality and then shifts his topic to face mask mania and millennials. He reported on Operation Warp Speed, insulted people, and raved about Revolution throughout the first half. Phish finally gets him to shut up for a few minutes. After the song the master of biting outrage clarifies why this plutocratic, crony capitalist method of control is technologically repressive. He then does an interview with a professor from Stanford University, who wrote a book about Bill Gates. Vince is furious about what they are planning to do to the children going back to school. Let's fight for the kids! Search Results Web results

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