The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 01.10.20

January 10, 2020

Show 57 is a special report on Iran. Vince delivers an engaging plutocracy report that includes; our chronological history with Iran, his rational theory of why we assassinated a pesky Iranian general, who controls our military and why, plus frightening theocracy plutocracy. One thing is made clear It's Time to Stop It! That's the theme of today's show and the name of Vince's new song that's debuted exclusively on P.R.N.! The heartache coming from Australia starts off his environmental segment that eventually focuses his anger toward toxic people who never admit when they're wrong. Some scary fake news is explored before John Fogerty closes the show. *side note- I detected an inaccuracy early in show. While Talking about Eugene V. Debs, I think Vince evoked Roosevelt when he meant Hoover, unless he was sarcastically inferring F.D.R was a Republican. Not sure with this guy.*

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