The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report - 01.03.20

January 3, 2020

Vince brings in 2020 with an angry yet melancholy bang! He rants about critical factors that keep people's minds in delusion and submission. He explains how all U.S vassal states have similar plutocrat propaganda and proof it still works was on display in the U.K. We hear about a frightening conspiracy to take over the world, based on the age old commie scheme of seizing property and redistribution of wealth; the righty sheepies believe this will be achieved through the global warming agenda. He explains how a majority must break their manufactured bias and understand there are better ways than plutocracy under the guise of communism or capitalism; like cooperative governance of truth and consensus. Geoengineering and pharmacology is his next topic and on the way out he mentions the Afghanistan papers.

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