The Plutocracy Report - 01.18.19

January 18, 2019

Vince, Captain Beyond and Bob Dylan take us to new specters of awareness this week! In the second halve of the show Vince takes a conference call from two voters and tests his skills at getting them to join the Rationalist movement. First he talks about the latest trivial distraction from the main stream media and rants about the bigger picture of this propaganda. Next he speculates on possible false flag events that may occur once our uprising begins in America; then on to the foolishness and dangers of 5G applications. We have to fight to put an end to our destructive, plutocratic control structure and time is running out. We must stand together now because it's not dark yet, but Bobby D tells us, "It's getting there." In the second half Vince talks more about the French yellow jackets and what we can all agree on befo


The Plutocracy Report - 01.04.19

January 4, 2019

Vince breaks out of the rusty cage he was trapped in since last week's show and runs his mouth off for another invigorating Plutocracy Report. He demands that people must see the modern media matrix for what it is, mind control, distorted reality, distraction and division, and our power structure has perfected propaganda. He then talks about our authoritarian, police state plutocracy and Utah's new blood alcohol limit law. Next he calls out the new age movement and who he calls "the special spiritual speakers," but then gets interrupted by a new caller! Vince agrees to become spiritual but only for 5 minutes as Jonny Cash sings. We open the second half talking about Russia and what the war plutocrats and their politicians gave Ukraine for Christmas. Vince brags about being perfect in his 2017 predictions now that Elizabeth Warren has announced she wants to play head sock puppet to the plutocrats.