The Plutocracy Report - 12.28.18

December 28, 2018

For the final Plutocracy Report of 2018 Vince exposes more truth; such as This Show Knows How to Rock! He opens with another new term, Population Sedation. He explores the drugging aspect of this wide ranging new term and (armchair) Professor Vince gives the natural, drug and alcohol free, cure to depression. Then Alex Jones is used to demonstrate Crazy, conspiracy, association, propaganda and he uses a famous Professor for a recent example. I'm not sure how to explain what happens next but Vince seems angry. The Music of Genesis is featured today. In the final segment of the year we discuss the President ordering troops out of Syria, and we get some Vinny perspective on those kooky markets. Have a Great and safe New Year everybody! More rants in 2019!!!

The Plutocracy Report - 12.14.18

December 14, 2018

Today's show is what Vince has deemed public soliloquy. He starts out describing the main tactic of the plutocrats for dealing with public uprising as stated by J.D Rockefeller over a century ago. He talks about what is needed to really change our disastrous monetary system and just protests and writing a list of demands isn't gonna be enough. After months of feeling unoptimistic about overthrowing the system of world Plutonomy, Vince seems reenergized by the yellow jacket lion hearts of France. After he lashes out at people who annoy him he states, "I don’t care how pampered and proper you feel about being rich, if you are an inhumane, money minded, biological automaton, I wouldn’t wanna be like you. The Allen Parsons Project is featured today. In the second half Vince rants about immigration, refugees and installing a true people's government and a new rational central planning system free of money influence and full of rationality. People are starting to get it and a French protester explains. It sounds as if he listens to the Plutocracy report. Roger Waters tells us to Wake up and smell the roses on the way out.

The Plutocracy Report - 12.07.18

December 7, 2018

This Colossal 30th Plutocracy Report is unprecedented!!!  Vince tells us where we are at this point both economically and psychologically.  We live in a Scam Society and the French finally had enough of being fleeced by the plutocrats and Vince is ecstatic about it.  He talks about the absurdity of commercial and state run media and how we need a "people's" media that reports only unbiased facts. Vince takes a call from a disgruntled democrat and sent him, "Back to the Hole Where He Came From.” A new song by Rayland Baxter is jammed! In the second half we explore some new propaganda including Ice Age is coming and geoengineering is going main stream. Vince plays a clip about a man who went off grid and is being oppressed by the city. He tells us we are not free because we have a government with a populace not a populace with a government. Only 20th century schizoid man could have allowed this!!!