The Plutocracy Report - Content warning; Listener discretion is advised

October 12, 2018

Content warning; Listener discretion is advised!  Throughout the show Vince periodically gives the democrat party a vicious, verbal, smack down that is so brutally honest it's hard to hear. He gets in to what the next collapse will entail and why it will not be like anything from the past.  Nothing is sugar coated in this sobering commentary that leads up to the point when people finally learn, you can't eat money! Vince had an idea how we can avoid Plutocracy induced extinction. He needs to become president and be granted full dictatorial power for one year to set things right. His campaign slogan will be the name of the song featured this week by The Who!In the second half Vince continues to verbally beat and berate the Democrats for making sheepies think they are the kinder alternative to Republicans, when in truth they are the biggest obstacle to systemic change. Advice is given at the end of the show. None of us are helpful in the fight for the greater good if we are clinging to the rock of cultural induced anxiety or very unhealthy in the body and mind. Keep your mind sharp, your body strong, and your spirits up. A clip from Allen Watts ends the show and The Who takes us out pure and easy.


The Plutocracy Report - 10.01.18

October 1, 2018

A worn out, tired and grumpy Vince still manages to give the most rational and greatest tirade about the foolish and omnipresent debate over which is better socialism or capitalism. He explains the Nordic Model and manages to criticize it while also admitting it beats plutocracy by slaughter rule. Is it really a benefit to humanity for dorky billionaires to commercialize space so rich people can take a trip around the moon? Everything in this economy is a rich man's trick. We have to keep our minds open because what we are told by the dominator culture is not all there is and we must remember there is MORE THAN THIS! Peter Gabriel is featured this week. Vince starts the second half by defining Conspiracy Theory and discusses a study that claims scientists found the driver of false beliefs.Then he demonstrates the oil plutocrat's newest climate change propaganda as denialisum wears thin for righties. After closing comments Peter takes us out.